9/23/12 at Citi Field

This was going to be my last game at Citi Field for the season, so I wanted to make every second count if I wanted to get a 50th anniversary ball. Of course, when I ran in and up one of the escalators in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, I found out that there was no batting practice. However, there were a few Marlins players warming up.

Lucky for me, they were warming up right in front of my seats. After a few minutes, when they were done playing catch, I called out to who I think was Nathan Eovaldi. He looked at me, nodded, and lofted the ball high in the air. I caught it without contention from anyone else, and I saw that it was one of the Marlins commemorative baseballs.


I was thrilled to already be on the board and did not need to stress myself out anymore, because I had already reached my goal for the day, even though it wasn’t one of the Mets commemorative baseballs.

I took the previous photo from my wonderful seats two rows behind the field, which my Dad was able to get for a fantastic price.


There wasn’t much to do before the game, so I sort of ended up wandering aimlessly and seeing what trouble I could cause. Just kidding. But I did want to get behind the Mets dugout, which I figured would be simple because I am a kid. When I got there, I sat down, and to my surprise saw a large amount of gum and candy come flying over the top of the dugout. I managed to grab a few pieces, which I was not able to chew because of my braces. I was able to stay there for about 15 minutes before a security guard came around checking everyone’s ticket. At that point, the Marlins were finishing up their pregame warmups and were signing some autographs. I first got Heath Bell to sign the ball that I had gotten earlier, which was a bit awkward because I did not have a pen with me. Thankfully, someone was kind enough to lend one to me. Josh Johnson then quickly signed for a few fans, and I ended up getting him right next to Heath.


Later on, a few minutes before the first pitch, Scott Cousins came out of the dugout and began to chat with the people sitting in front of me, who I can only assume were his family or friends. I am hoping to one day get the entire 2012 Marlins roster to sign the ball, but since they practically traded away their entire team, it will be quite the challenge.

My Dad and I basically ended up wandering the ballpark for the majority of the game, attempting to get a foul ball, or something, but to no avail. At one point, I went down and sat right next to the ball boy, hoping to get a ball from him, but soon realized with all of the five year old children around me that I had no chance. While sitting in my actual seat, only one foul ball came anywhere close, and it was about ten rows directly over my head. From what I could see, it was snagged by another ballhawk wearing Marlins gear. This was the view from my seat.


At the end of the game, my Dad and I returned to our seats in an attempt to get an umpire ball, which would be my last chance at a Mets commemorative for the season. The section that we were sitting in was the one right next to the umpire tunnel, so I thought that my chances were pretty good. I knew that the home plate umpire was Paul Schrieber, but that did not pay off. I had made my way to the umpire tunnel before Ruben Tejada had won the game for the Mets, so I was expecting a baseball. As he walked by, I was ignored, and the two baseballs that he handed out went to two grown men.

I was disappointed to say the least, but I did reach my goal.

Here’s a cool photo of David Wright that I took.


Here’s the box score:

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 6.04.21 PM


1 ball at this game

2 consecutive games with a ball

28 balls this season

31 lifetime balls


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