8/15/12 at Yankee Stadium

This wasn’t a normal game for me. I knew that my streak was in serious danger even before I was on my way to the stadium. A few months earlier, the leader of my boy scout troop sent out an email advertising tickets for the Yankees vs Rangers game on August 15th. There was no question in my mind that I was going on this trip, even if it meant that the bus that would be bringing me there would be getting everyone to the Bronx after the gates opened. This was my view on that bus:

Luckily, the charter bus left on time, and when I got to gate 6, the line was just about down to gate 8 (I’m exaggerating a bit). As the gates were about to open, I tried a shady tactic that I will only be able to use for another year or so. I went to the the front of the line, and slipped in right as everyone got their tickets ready. I didn’t see the point in running in, because I knew that there wasn’t going to be any BP, and this was the sight after a few minutes.

I walked around the field level for a few minutes until a few Rangers pitchers came out to throw. I also saw Zack Hample near the pitchers, but he wouldn’t be there for long. Only two baseballs I saw were given away. One was tossed to a kid near me, and the other was thrown into the second deck were Zack had been yelling from. My last chance to get a ball from the Rangers was when Mike Maddux, the pitching coach finished throwing with a pitcher. I called out to him and walked about 10 rows back alongside him so that I wouldn’t go unnoticed. He threw it – but right over my head and into the second deck. I decided to head back and see if anyone had decided to sign. Derek Holland had, and I got him on my ticket.

There was absolutely nothing to do for the remaining minutes before the scheduled game time, so after a little while, I went to the corner spot on top of the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar and hoped that Mike Harkey would throw me  a ball so that I could keep my streak going. After a 1 hour and 45 minute rain delay, Harkey finally came out, but did not throw me a ball. There was one that was relatively close to my Dad but there really wasn’t much of a chance of him getting it. And just like that, I knew my streak was over. I wasn’t really allowed to wander around because I was with a group… and this was the view from where I was sitting.

Yesh. It was nice though, not needing to be ready on every single pitch and having time to eat my food during the actual game. During the game, Josh Hamilton had both RBIs on the night for the Rangers, crushing two absolute bombs, one of which went about halfway into the bleachers in right field. The Yankees ended up winning 3-2, which I wasn’t able to see because there was an 11:00 curfew to be back to the bus.

Here’s the box score:

My next game is the 31st at Yankee Stadium.


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